June 4 2019

Started the day with a long hike uphill followed by the downhill portion home. The hills make for great views as seen the the attached photo.

February 2 2019

It took my friend Helen and I 5 hours to hang 18 pieces at the Kailua Village Artists Gallery today. It was actually fun and put a much better spin on the day from where it started. Helen was great. Not only is she an artist but she has hung many shows with the added bonus of being and engineer. Calculating centers of oddball shapes was no problem for her.


We all need to expel what’s happening inside. Finally everything I had learned and seen came together, made sense and I was able to get it out. It took an exorbitantly long time but “timing is everything.” Pain and loss were the final ingredient that brought the entire recipe together. This whole “Rising from the ashes” is real, painful and you basically have to be staring death in the eye but if you live it changes you. We all wish there was another way for our brains to evoke change but this is what it takes for some of us to evolve.